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Advice please

We have a yellow budgie named Lola. I don't know how old she is as we "inherited" her when her owners emigrated.

She's on her own in the cage however there is usually someone around all day and when we go out, we leave music on for her.

My question is, should we get her a friend? If she hears budgie noises, she gets very animated. The thing I don't want to lose is her interaction with us as she is so friendly and even gives kisses and does the head thing that they do when they are all excited. She especially loves my Mum in Law (very strange I know).

My other worry is that they won't get on and I'd hate to get another budgie and it not work out. We have enough room for one cage and we leave it open all day so that Lola can come and go as she wishes.



This is O'Reilly, the newest member of my family. Does anyone know what variety he is?

Ridley's Journal

Hello, yo, and various other greetings!
I just wanted to say hello to the community and mention myself.
This is a journal account specifically devoted to recording happenings of Ridley, the pale blue budgie, and has photo-posts and stuff like that if you want to check it out!

I'd be happy to post some of the best pictures over here, too!

Is that you Mama?


This is my new little baby, Murphy.  He has splayed leg, so would have been killed by the breeder, but he is coming to live with me instead.  Charlie and Sprout are a bit suspicious of him, so lives in his own little cage, but he is very tame and loves hanging out in my pocket.

Cloud Pictures and Video

Some pictures and a video of my cute budgie Cloud

( Fake cut )


My super awesome roomie found this one over at cuteoverload.com

Sprout and charlie

I wanted to show you this lovely picture of Sprout and Charlie enjoying some millet.



Here's another one of Charlie :)

Sprout and Charlie

These are my two little guys, Sprout on the left is a lutino male aged 12 weeks, and Charlie on the right is also male aged about 6 months.  They are my first budgies, I've had them a couple of weeks and I love them dearly :)