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cute_budgies's Journal

Cute Budgies
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Budgies In Photos & On Video

Welcome to cute_budgies!

This is a community devoted entirely to photos and videos of our cute feathered friends. We noticed that there were a few general budgie communities on LJ, but none purely for budgie images. You can never have enough budgie cuteness, so we set up this community in August 2008.

Community Guidelines

* Membership is open and posts are unmoderated, however any user not sticking to these simple rules will be banned.

* This community is for budgie photos and videos ONLY. There are some very good communities for general budgie chat & advice, we recommend budgerigars and budgietalk.

* Promoting of other budgie-related communities is allowed, but no other promoting.

* If you are sharing more than one image, please put all but the first image under an LJ cut. If you don't know how to "do" an LJ cut, please look in the FAQ section.

* Every picture posted MUST feature at least one budgie. It's okay if you want to show us your new cage, aviary, bird toy etc., or have yourself/other people/other pets in the photo too, but please make sure there is at least one budgie in there.

* Multiple budgies in a photo are very welcome!

* Please tag your posts with:
- the name of your budgie/s
- the type of colouring of the budgie/s in the photos
- if there are other pets in the photo/s please tag with "budgie and ___" (name of animal)
- if there are people in the photo/s please tag with "budgie and human"
- please tag "photos" or "videos" as appropriate

* That's it! There is no posting limit, feel free to spam us all with budgie cuteness whenever you like!

If anyone could help us out with some community icons, banners, promo bars/buttons etc. we would be most grateful!

Your friendly mods:
elaboratewhimsy: owned by Brucie.
wizadoradebora: owned by Moz.

If anyone else would like to be a mod, just let us know :)